Massage treatments at Wellspring Therapies utilise a combination of remedial and relaxation massage techniques, depending on your individual requirements.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is an effective treatment for muscular pain and discomfort. Muscle pain can arise from a variety of causes, such as muscle strains caused by different types of activity or inactivity, postural issues, or biomechanical problems relating to imbalances in the structure of the body.

At the start of a remedial massage treatment, a comprehensive assessment of your condition is made to understand the causes of your pain or discomfort. Once the causes have been ascertained, the treatment is tailored to target the specific muscles that might be involved in your condition.

A remedial massage treatment will usually involve a range of massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, pin and stretch techniques, cross fibre mobilisation, and myofascial release work. The treatment may focus only on the area where you feel the pain, but it is often the case that other parts of the body are also involved and need to be treated too.

After your treatment, you might be sent home with some stretches or exercises to help with the condition, or you might be recommended a certain type of exercise program or other remedial activity.

Often a condition can be resolved in just a few treatments, however ongoing treatments are sometimes necessary for managing chronic conditions or conditions that are caused by ongoing work or leisure activities.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage soothes the everyday stresses of modern life. This is the sort of massage that you go for when you want to relieve that general feeling of unease that comes from living with too much stress.

The main aim of Relaxation Massage is to shift the body from the flight and fight mode into a more restful, rejuvenating state. This is achieved through flowing massage at a pressure that is comfortable for you.on you

Most Australian health funds offer rebates for Remedial Massage, so don't forget to bring your health fund card if you wish to claim a rebate for your treatment.

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Andrew Haigh 

Dip RM, BPSYCS, RYT200, Registered Health Fund Provider

I qualified as a massage therapist in 2001, and since then I have worked in a variety of health and wellness settings, including a large resort-based day spa, a busy physiotherapy clinic, and a hospital-based massage practice.

I specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain conditions as well as supporting athletic training programs and assisting with stress management.

Alongside my massage therapy practice I also teach yoga at MYM Wellness. You can find more information about my yoga classesat